Secure investment portfolio via property ROI

Return on investment is a crucial analytical tool used by both businesses and investors and it’s a key concept for any investor to understand. ROI answers the question “how much will I get back per dollar I invest?” Real estate investments are one of the most secure types of investing nowadays. We all know that stocks and bonds can be badly affected by recessions, as we had experienced during 2008.

Owning rental property has been a popular investment for many over the years. The difference between an investment property and your own home is that you earn an income from it. You can earn profit in real estate in either of three methods: acquiring, selling, and renting it out.

With regards to “where” your properties should be located, there are some factors to consider. Basically what you have to consider about it would be the type of property that you have, its size and how much you manage the property.


Commercial leasing spaces such as office and warehouse units, or should you choose to buy an apartment? As far as cash flow is concerned the best property to buy would be apartment buildings. There are several factors which makes it the best property to acquire and not something else. Read more