Who Is PropertyEmpire.com.my

  • Online Property Web Portal

    We are focusing on the niche market of property investor who wish to expand their real estate portfolio. The portal is a great advertising platform for reputable developers and realty agencies tp showcase their array of products. Needless to say, this online portal is indeed for investors.

  • Property Investor Club

    Our aim is to increase the net worth of investors. We have regular investor club meetings to study investment opportunities and related matters. This will benefit investors as well as our associates in the property industry such as developers, banks, and financial institution. This club will also enable all investors to learn, share and gain knowledge in investments and they can grow along with us.

  • The Property Blog

    Owns a blog. This is very own newspaper, magazine and collection of videos rollover into one. It is an electrifying blog which will display many interesting sections that tackle property news in a fun and exciting manner.

  • Buying & Selling Properties more easier!

    You can also say that the portal is custom made not just for serious investors but also for the casual property buyers. By asking investors or buyers to submit their details, we are allowing visibility to be both ways. Someone will contact you within the next 24-hours with more details and to answer any questions you will have. Once you have confirmed your interest, our customer consultants will connect you with licensed real estate agents who will help you conclude the process.