Malaysia’s first integrated Health and Wellness resort

A premier destination for all your wellness needs and lifestyle, has arrived. It’s your ultimate healthy holiday and retreat, just 15 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur city centre.
Supported by Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), come discover what MWC can do for your health, your holiday, your business, your home and your family. It’s a place where people, businesses and networks are connected together and coincide in a single destination within a shared vision of wellness living.


70% income tax exemption on income derived from qualified activities in healthcare services or complementary and traditional healthcare services carried out in MWC for 5 years from date of commencement of business of the said qualifying activities; orInvestment Tax Allowance of 60%> for 5 years on qualifying capital expenditure incurred for qualifying activities carried out within MWC and this allowance is allowed to be set-off against 70% of statutory income for relevant YA.


With 153 acres of land to be developed and multiple facilities to be built within the 803 acres of Mines Wellness City, Country Heights Holdings Berhad would like to invite investors to participate in various investment opportunities related to the second wave of developments.

The second wave will offer investment opportunities for those who are keen in:

Wellness Business Venture

Setting up wellness/ healthcare related businesses in MWC

Joint Venture for Property Development
Participating in joint venture to develop the 2nd wave of MWC

Infrastructure Development

Participating in developing and upgrading major infrastructure for the future city, i.e Highway, Railway, Transport Hub

Property Investment in MWC
Investing in various properties to be developed in MWC among them E.g. Retail lots, Soho and various type of residential properties

Private Equity Fund For MWC Operators

Setting up a specialized PE Fund to invest in business ventures in MWC that meet the investment criteria


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